Friday, January 21, 2011

Numerical Magic

I just heard this on the radio and thought it was really neat. Of course, I’m sure I’m the LAST person to have heard this useless trivia, but what the hay…

There are 4 dates this year that all share the same numbers…


Well, did you know that if you take the last two digits of your birth year & add them to the age you’re turning this year, you’ll get 111?!?! Is that numerical magic or what?! Try it for yourself and see!!!

My birth year is 79 {whoa} and I’m turning 32. 79 + 32 = 111

I tried this with my boy’s birthdates, too…

Landon…07 + 4 = 11 and Grant…09 + 2 = 11

I can’t wait to share this with my firsties on Monday!!!

**In other news, didn’t 30 used to sound “old” to you when you were younger?!?! HA! I’m thinkin’ 30 is the new 20 ;) And I hear 40 is even better!!!***

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