Saturday, September 3, 2011

The One With Nothing Related To Teaching {Part 2}

Yesterday was supposed to be a normal day. I was supposed to go to school, have a very uneventful day, and then celebrate the happiness that is Friday at a little “pick me up” with my other sweet teacher friends after school. Since I haven’t seen Mr. Spouse ALL week {dang you, football season!!!!}, I snagged a babysitter for Friday night so that we could have a date night {his ONLY free Friday night of the football season}.

Well, I should be very familiar with the fact that NOTHING ever goes according to plans! Mr. Spouse called early in the a.m. to let me know my little bit was running a BIG fever. He had to be at work by noon-thirty and I had to leave school unexpectedly to cover sick duty. I even had to call and cancel the sitter. My team is AMAZING and they took my littles for me. Mr. Spouse took my older one with him to work so I could get some SERIOUS cuddle time in with my sickling…all alone. God definitely had a better plan for my day. Cuddle time with my little bit is SO few and far between these days, so you’d better believe that I soaked up every little fever induced second.

While little bit was sleeping on my chest, I broke down and rented Never Say Never. Hi. My name is Cara. I’m 32 and I have Bieber Fever. And I’m SO not ashamed to admit it! HA!!


Love, love, LOVE this kid!!!! So unbelievably talented and adorable. Seriously ladies, if you haven’t seen it yet, you MUST. It’s SO stinkin’ good!! I’m not gonna lie when I tell you that it genuinely brought tears to my eyes. Gosh dang. It SO reminded me of my first musical crush…New Kids on the Block. I remember my parents getting me tickets to their show for my 13th birthday. It was my first concert EVER and OHMIWORD…the BEST!!! And you’d better believe that I totally went ALL OUT and went back to the concert when NKOTB starting touring again a couple of years ago. I was seriously reliving all of those feelings while I was watching that movie. So dang cute!

In other news, I’m super excited about Kim Adsit’s new blog, Kindergals. If you haven’t visited her yet, GO NOW. Love her and all her darling ideas!!!

I’m also excited about all the new blogs that are popping up in blogland! There are SO many!!! If you’d like for your blog featured, shoot me an email at . I’d love to feature new blogs every Wednesday here at Emilyk Cole.

Hope y’all have a very relaxing, very restful 3-day weekend!! Happy {almost} Labor Day, sweet friends!!!!

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