Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wandering Wednesday

Hey y’all! Welcome to another edition of Wandering Wednesday :) Wednesday means we’re one day closer to Friday…get excited people!! HA!! Festival season is starting and my MOST FAVORITE festival is set to take place this weekend! Our little family of 4 will be there in FULL force consuming as many corn dogs, lemonades, funnel cakes, and fried pickles as we can stand! I can’t wait!!! While I’m busy waiting on the weekend to get here, I want to introduce y’all to some new…and not so new…blogs. I’m so excited about this week’s features because these ladies are hands down AMAZING. Grab your favorite beverage, cuddle up with a cozy little blanket, and get to readin’!! You don’t wanna miss out!

First up, let’s stop in at Melanie’s corner of the internet.


Have y’all been here yet? Because you’re SERIOUSLY missing out if you haven’t. Melanie is in her 14th year of teaching and is currently educating a classroom full of firsties. While Melanie loves teaching, she has a SERIOUS gift for design and LOVES decorating! She’s the darling designer behind Schoolgirl Style and has an eye for all things precious. Just take a look at her classroom…


Darling, right?! Makes me want a do-over! HA! Schoolgirl Style features lots of classroom decoration inspiration from both Melanie and other teachers around the country. LOVE the ideas she has posted! She’s great at picking out themes and then creating the most adorable details to go along with everything. She even gives readers a shopping guide {where to purchase what you see} and has her own little shop, too!


If you haven’t visited Schoolgirl Style yet, RUN…don’t walk…over there NOW!!!

Next stop, Castles & Crayons.


This beyond darling blog belongs to Kelli. Kelli is in her 7th year teaching and loves being with her first graders! And y’all, this Alabama girl is such a sweetheart! I loved her posts on the Daily 5 so I emailed her a few questions about her set-up, and she was sweet enough to email me some great ideas & explanations. And she pretty much cracks me up :) Her ideas make me smile!

Take a look at her COMPLIMENT board. LOVE this idea. I’ve always had a “Compliment Chain” in my classroom, but I SO “borrowed” this idea this year!


And check out this dry erase table she repurposed! LOVE this idea!!


If you have ANY questions about the Daily 5, you’ve GOT to check out her blog. She has tons of D5 posts and she’s a great resource! Kelli just started blogging in June, so she’s fairly new to the scene. Make sure to stop by, say hello, and follow. You won’t want to miss what she has in store :)

Anna Brantley is a name with which you’re probably already familiar. She’s the creative cutie behind this fabulous blog…


Love.her. Anna is a sweet Georgia girl who’s in her 5th year of teaching. She’s another first grade teacher who has amazing ideas and creates some pretty fantastical materials for her {and your} classroom. She also offers some great freebies! And let’s be real…who doesn’t love a freebie?!?!

Love these classroom labels!


This noun sort activity is pretty dang cute, too!


You definitely need to know about Anna if you don’t already. Head on over to her little slice of the web, say hello, and don’t forget to follow!

Last on our stop isn’t necessarily a teaching blog, but the author used to teach first grade. Her name is Brittney and she’s a former teacher turned stay-at-home mom. I actually know Brittney personally. Our oldest boys are in playgroup together and she’s leading my most recent Bible study {which is AMAZING!!!} We’re stoppin’ by her neck of the woods because I get lots of emails from moms with toddlers asking me what kind of activities I do at home with my boys. I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda gal, so I don’t do many organized activities on the home front, but my sweet friend, Brittney, does. And she’s got LOTS of great ideas!!!


If you’re looking for fun themed days, she’s got ‘em. Her most recent “Batman Day” was PRECIOUS.


If you’re lookin’ for some fun lunch ideas for the kids, she’s got those, too!


She even showcases some of her fun “Rainy Days” ideas and fun themed ideas for “Letter of the Week”, too. It’s all dang cute!Out_of_the_Rainy_Day_BoxLetter_of_teh_Week

If you’ve got littles at home and you LOVE to keep ‘em busy…both playing AND learning…then head on over, take a look around, and say hello! She’s got great ideas on pretty much everything…including house décor!!…so you’ll wanna follow along so you can keep up with all the cuteness.

Whew! Quite a little tour! Hope you’ve found some new blogs to keep you up at night :)

If you’re interested in being featured here on Wandering Wednesday, shoot me an email at and let me know!

Happy Wednesday, y’all!!!

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