Monday, September 19, 2011

Teacher Talk

Do you ever feel like your "Teacher Talk" spills over into your home life? Maybe you hear yourself saying things to your husband...or even your own kids or friends...that you don't even realize you're saying?? Mr. Spouse has caught me uttering a few of these phrases around the house and he's quick to remind me to "leave the teacher talk at school". I just can't seem to turn it off!! HA!!! Here's a little sneak peek into what a typical day "sounds" like for me {both at school AND home :)}...

"Turn your voice off."

"I'll be happy to start when you can show me you're ready!"

"Awesome blossom!!"
"Pin a rose on your nose!!"

"Can you sit criss-cross honeysauce for me!?"

"That's the right answer to different question :)"

"I just wanna put you in my pocket and take you home with me!" OR "I wanna put you in my pocket and sit you on my shelf :)"

"You are such a love!"

"Thanks, lovebug/darlin'/precious/sweetness"

"That's adorbs."

"Zip it, lock it, put it in your pocket."

"You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!"

"Now let's try to do that WITHOUT complaining :)"

"Get inside my hug! I don't want you to miss out on the love!!" {To get us in a straight line}

"We can do hard stuff!!"

"Pat yourself on the back :)"

"Bravo! ladies & gentlemen! That's some Oscar Worthy behavior/work/listening/etc. right there!!"

"Heavens to Bootsie!!"

"You are such a little smartie!"

"Thanks for filling my bucket"

"Oh, I'm so sad. That's such a bummer."

"Don't be tardy for the party!!"

"You rock the house."

"Love you to the moon and back!" I guess I could see how that *might* annoy Mr. Spouse :) Please tell me you sound just like this...even when you're NOT at school?!?!?!?

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