Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chunk Sorts

Each week we give our kids 3 chunks to learn and *hopefully* master. We introduce the chunks on Mondays and we have a “spell check” on Fridays. Spell checks are like spelling tests, but NO grade is given. They’re responsible for spelling each chunk along with three chunk words. They’re also responsible for spelling 3 popcorn words. I like for my kids to work with chunks throughout the week so that they’re getting a lot of hands-on practice with each word family. When we were working with spiders, I created some spider themed chunk sorts along with a recording sheet...


Here are several hands-on chunk sorts that I created for my kids. Feel free to download and use in your own classroom! {The only themed chunk sorts are the short o & short u chunks}

-ag, –am, –an Chunk Sort

-an, –ap, –at Chunk Sort

-in, –ip, –it Chunk Sort

-ot, –op, –og Chunk Sort {Spiders}

-ug, –un, –ut Chunk Sort {Bats}

I also created some –in, –it, –ip CVC workmats & recording sheets for the kids to use one week as well! Hope you can find these useful!

-in, –it, –ip CVC Workmats

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