Thursday, October 7, 2010

Reader’s Response – A Chair For My Mother

We’ve been discussing Wants vs. Needs this week and used the book A Chair For My Mother, by Vera Williams to talk about the topic. After reading the book, the kids really led their own discussion about buying things they need rather than what they want. They were so precious and sweet talking about what they thought they needed. I might’ve heard one of them say “Rip Stick”, so I was quick to interrupt and remind them how needs are different than wants :) Here’s a little peek at their entry…


As usual, the kids wrote the title & author and completed the sentence prompt, “I will use my coins to buy…” This sweet little love said that she would buy “medicine for breathing.” She’s asthmatic…bless her heart. Then they cut out the jar template and filled it with fingerprint coins {using stamp pads}. I’m a sucker for activities we can do that incorporate their prints :)

You can download the jar template here:


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