Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Couple of Math Things…

This is a CRAZY week!! Our schedule is a little off and we’re planning a FUN “Pumpkin Day” on Friday, so I set out a fewer number of math tubs this week. Here are just a couple of things that we’re working on…


Greater than/less than candy jars. Each piece of candy is programmed with a number {1-50}. There is also a set of number cards {1-50}. The kids have to pick a number card and then sort the candy into the corresponding candy jars. This was just a little review that they’ve really loved! I’ll definitely keep this in my "when I’m finished…” tubs for them to revisit :)



Here’s just another little addition/subtraction sort, kinda like the one we did last week with the jack o’lanterns…just a different format :) I let the kids use candy corn for counters with the higher numbers! Loved it!!

pumpkin sorting

Can’t wait to share our “Pumpkin Day” on Friday with you!!!

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