Friday, October 29, 2010

Mystery Words

This week was a chunk week review for us, so I made up a little activity that would get the kids thinking about word families & popcorn words. I took a couple of lunch bags and filled them with letter tiles. In one bag, I included the letters contained in all of our popcorn words {to date}. In the other bag, I included all the vowels & word endings to the chunks we’ve learned thus far, plus a few additional letters. The kids had to pick a bag and use the tiles inside to make words. I told them to read the room if they had trouble figuring out what words to make. {We’ve got our chunk charts & popcorn words ALL over the room, so I knew they wouldn’t have too much trouble ;)} They also had to record the words they made on a separate recording sheet. This is definitely an activity I’ll keep recycling throughout the year! It really got them thinking and it was so fun to see what words they made! One of my sweeties spelled my youngest son’s name and was SO proud of herself :) Hey…whatever works!! Love it!




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